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Teacher Development

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Teacher Development

Use Your Edge offers a wide variety of training and development courses for primary and secondary school teachers, for those working in language academies as well as for those in the educational sector in general.

Some of the courses we have offered in the past include

    Teacher DevelopmentTeacher Development 2 - Education Building Blocks

  • ‘Jolly Funology’ – The Practical Use of Phonology in The Classroom
  • An Encounter with Ireland – Irish Life, Literature & Culture in the Language Classroom
  • Language Development for Teachers & Learners
  • Developing the Skills & The Effective Practice of English in the Classroom
  • Creative Strategies To Deal With Motivation, Resistance & Conflict in the Classroom
  • Training Learners to Prepare for & Pass Exams
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Presentation Skills for Teachers
  • Working with Multiple Intelligences & Learning Preferences in the Classroom
  • Integrating the Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning
  • Essential Coaching Skills for Teachers & Educational Management
  • Coaching Survival strategies for Busy Teachers
  • NLP for Teachers
  • ‘The Gift of the Gab’ – Teaching the Language of Influence & Tranceforming the Classroom

If you would like to receive more detailed information on any of these courses including the course objectives and course content, contact us here and we will gladly forward it on to you.

We can also tailor courses as well as short seminars and sessions to your educational organization’s specific needs. We provide Cambridge University CELTA & DELTA teacher training through accredited schools.

On an individual basis we offer coaching and mentoring programmes as well as lesson observation and feedback for teachers, trainers and educators.

Get in touch with Use Your Edge for more information on we can support you and your organisation at yoursuccess@useyouredge.com