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Presenting Success

Has there ever been a time when you have been given a presentation to do and you soon began to get nervous and panic?

Have you ever felt a little lost about how to begin your preparation?

Have you ever felt somewhat self-conscious speaking in English in front of a client or customer?

No matter what you do in life, the ability to present yourself powerfully and clearly will always be a benefit. However, in a business context it is much more than that, being not only a useful ‘add on’, but an essential leadership and communication tool that supports and enables you in getting better results for yourself, with your team and most importantly, with your clients and customers.

Why Presenting Success?

  • What would it be like if, when you are asked to give a presentation, instead of thinking of it with apprehension, you felt comfortable and confident knowing that you have a clear idea of how and where to start your preparation?
  • What would you say if you had some key strategies and techniques to make your presentations to the point, clear and easy to follow?
  • What would it feel like to be able walk into a room or stand in front of your audience feeling more relaxed, radiating charisma and positive energy, confident and able to persuade them of the characteristics and benefits of your products and ideas?
  • What would it mean to you to be able to really connect with your audience, enthuse them and get your key messages across?
  • How would you like to be the type of presenter that not only gets results but is the type of communicator that people remember and talk about long after your presentation has finished?

Presenting Success - Course Objectives

By the end of Presenting Success participants will be better able to

  • Develop clear objectives for their presentations
  • Plan presentations from the perspective of the audience as well as that of the company
  • Follow a clear structure when planning
  • Exploit that structure when delivering the presentation itself
  • Communicate ideas more confidently and with greater enthusiasm
  • Maintain peoples’ interest
  • Listen to the client or audience more effectively
  • Feel more comfortable dealing with questions
  • Evaluate and self assess their own performance and give effective feedback to their peers

What exactly will you learn? – Course Content

Presenting Success offers cutting edge tools and techniques to help you

  • learn the characteristics of great presenters
  • make your presentations engaging, attention-grabbing and highly memorable
  • structure your preparation using clear models to make your presentation more impacting
  • open and close your presentation more memorably
  • use your energy to connect with your audience and get them involved
  • get your audience into a good state and manage their attention span
  • get mentally prepared for success when presenting, deal with nerves and manage your own internal state while presenting
  • improve your non-verbal communication and increase your impact
  • develop your vocal talents, have fun with your voice and sound great when presenting
  • be ready for questions - however challenging
  • use some of the secrets of the great presenters such as Barack Obama, Steve Jobs etc.
  • design and use clear visual aids
  • use language to persuade and influence
  • improve on your performance with the help of tailored feedback


The sessions on this course will be participative and interactive and you can make the most of them with a sense of curiosity and openness to new ideas.

You will have ample opportunity to play with and practice the different concepts. You will be video recorded on a number of occasions and will have the opportunity give and receive on your performance using a practical self-evaluation criteria which they can continue to use outside the seminar room. You will put into place a compelling action plan which will help you to continue your learning and improve your performance long after the course has finished.

In preparation for the course, we would meet with the sponsor to help tailor some of the mini-presentations to the organisation’s specific business context and to the participants’ individual and departmental work needs.

Participants will also have access to an on-line learning platform which has extra learning material including articles, videos, interviews, templates, tips and other self-access material as well as a detailed suggested bibliography.

Who & What if?

This 20 hour course is open to anyone who speaks to individuals or groups, or makes presentations to colleagues or clients. This presentation skills course is most suitable for those who want to really advance and take their presentation skills to the highest level. The course is not for those who are not interested in making excellent progress.

So what if you were to actually begin to put some of these tools and strategies to use? How much more confident would you feel? How much more effective would your presentations be? How much would your business results improve?

This Presenting Success course can be the beginning of that process for you.

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