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NLP in Business

NLP has often been called ‘the study of excellence’ and it sets out to discover ‘the difference that makes the difference’ and how to replicate success. In a business context, we can use NLP to model the talents and skills of those who excel in the way they communicate, motivate, influence, negotiate, lead and empower. NLP allows us to successfully pass those skills onto other people and it provides the tools and techniques for developing individuals, teams and organisations to achieve great results. It is a way of refining and improving on what you already do, a way of furthering the talents and expertise you already have to make your business or organisation leaders in your field.

NLP is applied today in many fields – leadership, HR, sales, marketing, training, customer service, advertising, PR, creative design, market research etc. It helps to relate the skills and values of the people in business to the business goals and business structure. At an individual level whether you're already succeeding in your profession, having some difficulties, or if you're transitioning into a new position, NLP can help you achieve, maintain and enhance peak performance.

For more information on how Use Your Edge can support you and your organisation with specially tailored NLP success programmes contact us at yoursuccess@useyouredge.com

NLP can help leaders to

  • become more purposeful.
  • create a compelling vision of the future.
  • communicate that vision charismatically in a powerful and congruent way so that people act on it with real motivation.
  • set compelling and demanding goals.
  • understand how people and teams work and develop leadership skills in those around you.

NLP for Managers

NLP can support managers to

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  • motivate themselves and others.
  • foster positive interpersonal skills.
  • plan and achieve defined objectives.
  • become more effective problem solvers and decision makers.
  • prepare for and run more effective meetings.
  • make presentations come alive with a variety of sensory-based language.
  • create solution-oriented, win-win approaches in negotiations.
  • train, mentor and coach people more effectively.
  • lead people through periods of change.
  • decrease stress.
  • increase creativity

NLP in Sales

NLP offers state of the art communication techniques that will enable people in sales to

  • develop better long-term business relationships.
  • be more 'tuned in' to your customers' states, build great rapport and communicate at a deeper level.
  • learn to discern a potential customer’s personal ‘buying strategies’.
  • improve your questioning techniques, uncover what your customers really value and want and stimulate a real desire to buy.
  • adapt and tailor your presentation to the customer and make sure your message gets noticed.
  • use the sensory language that corresponds to their preferences and present your products with greater impact.
  • elicit and fulfil the criteria and values of your clients, sell with integrity and create win-win outcomes for your customers.
  • develop effective methods for handling buyer’s remorse or future objections and ensure long-term and mutually satisfying sales relationships.
  • learn to control your own frame of mind and develop resourceful states in yourself.
  • become more resilient and less susceptible to negative feedback and rejection.
  • develop greater flexibility and achieve more consistent results.

NLP in Human Resources

NLP can develop HR departments to

  • have improved success in interviewing and as a result, reduce staff turnover and thereby cause savings in recruitment and induction.
  • align different departments, groups and opposing bodies and create cohesion and harmony.
  • become more aware of the real meanings behind what is said and get a get a greater understanding of how people think.
  • develop others to exploit their talents and skills.
  • deal more effectively with challenging situations such as redundancy, disciplinary action, early retirement etc by learning to be objective without losing the trust of others. For recruitment professionals NLP can help to
  • create a much more specific brief for a candidate.
  • model the client's strategy for making a decision.
  • find out much more information from candidates than they might think they're showing.
  • profile candidates who are mentally 'wired up' to excel in a certain types of situations.

NLP for Trainers

For trainers NLP awareness will and allow you to

  • make your training a more useful, rewarding and engaging activity for everyone.
  • keep your participants in an optimal learning state.
  • assess the needs of the group more effectively and be flexible in how you meet those needs.
  • present information using all sensory channels.
  • use well-formed outcomes to set learning objectives.
  • layer communication with success-orientated language patterns.
  • help participants to get the most out of the time spent.
  • make translating learning to the workplace easily achievable.
  • help your clients to get the maximum return on the training investment.

For more information on how Use Your Edge can support you and your organisation with specially tailored NLP success programmes contact us at yoursuccess@useyouredge.com