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Become yourself at your very best

NLP Diploma

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how we think, communicate and behave. It studies excellence and quality and how outstanding individuals and organizations get their outstanding results.

This introductory 35 hour course will help you to:

  • fine tune your senses and be more sensitive to others
  • build and maintain rapport - the key to successful relationships
  • be clear about what matters to you
  • align your values and beliefs with what you want to achieve
  • create compelling goals
  • acquire the skills you admire in others
  • develop greater flexibility to respond to your environment
  • manage your mental activities for greater self-management
  • gather specific, high quality information from people
  • recognise and use powerful language patterns to empower yourself and others
  • utilise and change your perception of time
  • influence, lead, empower and motivate others

The topics covered on this dynamic course will include the following areas

  • NLP – History, Background & Key Presuppositions
  • The Art of Communication, Creating Rapport & Listening Effectively
  • Clarifying Beliefs & Values
  • Modelling & the Habits of Success
  • Setting Compelling Goals and Designing Actions to Reach your Outcomes
  • An Introduction to Metaprograms - Understanding Thinking Skills
  • Representational Systems & Sensory Language
  • Time & Time Again – Understanding How We Process Time
  • An Introduction to NLP Language Skills
  • Learning In Action – Integrating Your Learning & Putting It All Together

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