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Coaching Skills - Messaging

Messaging is a very important skill to be used in the coaching process and it gives the coach the opportunity to share his/her thoughts in a way that opens the possibility for a shift to occur in the coachee. It is a powerful tool to keep the coachee on track and encourage forward motion. Messages inform, notify and sometimes request. They can be an idea, concept, suggestion or truth that has a motivating spin on it. The message must be delivered carefully and intentionally with the coachee’s interest at heart. As a result, it is imperative that for the coach to create a a strong basis of trust before using this skill.

Messaging may sometimes mean advising the coachee, providing information that the coach sees but that they don’t. Furthermore, the coach oftentimes identifies an incongruence between the coachee’s intention and their behaviour. As a result, the coach may challenge the coachee to explore, question or re-evaluate. The coach can also make a request of the coachee to support them to go beyond some perceived limitation.

Not only is trust important in this process, but the words and the language the coach uses also. Therefore, to message effectively and to have maximum impact, the coach will need to make sure that the language that they use is succinct, neutral and timely.

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