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Using Coaching Strategies To Achieve Balance & Increase Efficiency At Home & At Work

Eficacia & Equilibro En Tu Profesión y En Tu Vida

Coaching Skills - Acknowledging

It’s probably fair to say that we don't usually spend nearly enough time as people would like in acknowledging and celebrating the successes of the people around us. As a result, the skill of acknowledging is an important one for both the coach and the coachee and one that oftentimes takes quite some practice. [Continue Reading]

Coaching Skills - Messaging

Messaging is a very important skill to be used in the coaching process and it gives the coach the opportunity to share his/her thoughts in a way that opens the possibility for a shift to occur in the coachee. It is a powerful tool to keep the coachee on track and encourage forward motion. [Continue Reading]

Coaching Skills - Powerful Discovery Questions

Powerful discovery questioning is at the core of effective coaching and it is the ability to ask questions that support the coachee to move forward. Coaching questions seek to uncover truth, clarify meaning, test commitment and open avenues of thought. [Continue Reading]