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Use Your Edge


Use Your Edge was started in 2007 by Séamus Ó Muircheartaigh. Séamus works as a trainer and coach in educational and business contexts. He is a Coach U and Corporate Coach U certified graduate and a certified Trainer in the Applications of NLP in Education, Coaching and Business through Christina Hall, a co-owner of the Society of NLP. See the certificate.

Séamus designs and delivers a wide variety of innovative courses, programmes and trainings in Coaching and NLP for educational organisations including the Practitioner in the Applications of NLP in Education as well as well providing teacher development and mentoring services.

Séamus also works in business organisations and offers success orientated business skills training solutions tailored to each scenario and context. He is also a licensed facilitator of ‘The Coaching Clinic®’, a two-day programme in core coaching skills for managers and leaders.

Séamus is passionate about people and partnering with them. He has a genuine interest in each and every one of his trainees and clients and their individual goals. He believes we all have that ‘edge‘ within us, the potential and resources we need for our success.

Séamus sees his work as accompanying others to exploit the skills and resources they already have to develop their flexibility in thinking and in action so as that they open up new possibilities for discovery, learning, creativity and change. He partners with people to bring forth greater potential into action, to improve their performance, to produce longer lasting results and to accomplish their goals and objectives. He supports the people he works with in their process of becoming themselves at their very best, helping them to develop fulfilling relationships at work and at home and to enhance the quality of their lives.

You will find Séamus’ trainings highly participative, interactive and dynamic and of immediate practical application in the classroom, in the workplace and in your daily life. He provides a safe learning environment where participants can explore and experiment new ideas and concepts with a real sense of openness and curiosity. He incorporates different approaches, cutting edge tools, techniques & strategies to enthuse, engage and inspire. Throughout your learning, not only will you be building on your previous resources and experience, but you will also be making new connections in a variety of interesting and surprising ways and you will have the opportunity to prepare a motivating action plan that will help you continue to implement what you will have been learning in the days, weeks and months after the training has finished.

Born and educated in Ireland, Séamus started living and working in Spain in 1990. He began providing general and business language training to learners of a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds. Since 1995 he has also worked as a teacher trainer, developing and training nearly 1,500 teachers on Cambridge University CELTA & DELTA courses, as well as working with a large number of primary and secondary school teachers with a variety of governmental educational organisations.

Séamus started his coach training in 2006 and he has trained in NLP under Owen Fitzpatrick and Brian Colbert at The Irish Institute of NLP, Kate Benson at Meta Education and Christina Hall at NLP Connection.

Séamus’ experience in living with another language in another culture gives him a deep insight on how to adapt to and manage change, as well as see things from a wide range of perspectives. He is an expert in communication and has a keen sense of what brings people together and what makes them diverse. With his experience in training and people management, Séamus thrives in developing and leading individuals and teams, designing strategies and inspiring people to maximize their potential and shape their own destiny. Séamus has an acute ability to get the best out of people. He partners people to the edge of their comfort zone and beyond, instilling a sense of urgency, while being supportive and understanding at the same time. Séamus is convinced that coaching and NLP provide an excellent opportunity for successful growth, enrichment and development, whether utilized in a personal or business context.

Séamus’s sensitivity and awareness as a second language trainer, as well as his fluency in the language, allow him to successfully coach and train in Spanish as well as in English.


Get in touch with Use Your Edge for more information on we can support you and your organisation at yoursuccess@useyouredge.com